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Enter to win 1 of 15 $100 VISA Gift Cards

  1. Watch the videos below of how to say “Wishing you all a Merry Christmas” in Cree and Déne.
  2. Get your household together to make your own video of your family saying the phrase in either Cree or Déne.
  3. Post the video on the Facebook group ATC FAMILY CHRISTMAS.

Have fun and be creative with it and be sure to tell us which First Nation you are from.

All videos must be posted by Sunday, December 13, 2020, to be entered to win the VISA Gif Cards!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas in Cree

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas in Déne



Enter to win 1 of 15 $100 VISA Gift Cards
The steps are easy.
  1. With members of your household, pick an activity to do together from the ATC FAMILY CHRISTMAS package.
    Choose from gingerbread house making, pizza creation, Christmas ornament making, and Christmas Language activities.
  2. Take a group photo (selfie) while you are working on the activity together or with the finished product. Be Festively Creative!
  3. Join the ATC FAMILY CHRISTMAS group on Facebook and post your photo.
    Be sure to include the First Nation you are a member of in your post.

You are entered to win each time you complete an activity and post your photo. Complete all 5 activities and you can enter 5 times, increasing your chances of winning!

All entries must be posted to the ATC FAMILY CHRISTMAS Facebook group no later than Wednesday, December 13.
(You can have someone post on your behalf, just have them post your name and First Nation with the photo)
Winners will be announced December 14th, with prizes delivered by December 16th.

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