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The Employment & Training department provides support for ATC members seeking employment and/or training, based out of our Fort McMurray office. We also support the Employment and Training offices located within each of the 5 First Nations.


The Employment and Training Department is funded in part by the Government of Canada under a program called Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) and in part under the authority of Section 63 of the Employment Insurance Act. Athabasca Tribal Council is the Agreement Holder as per the approved Strategic Plan by Canada.

ATC allocates funding to five First Nations, which supports the costs of programs, services, and other activities undertaken by each Nation. This increases the participation in the labour market economy and/or supports the Return to School outcomes.

The clientele (Indigenous people, youth, persons with disabilities) who are eligible to apply for assistance under the program include all self-identified First Nations peoples residing on or off-reserve, or in an urban community and catchment area.

We also develop proposals for extra-curricular activities to leverage funding for shortages at the ATC and Nation levels.

Continuously building relationships with stakeholders to increase Aboriginal participation in the local labour market is another important part of the work we do.

Employment and Training team

Success Stories


Emily Morrison

Fort McMurray #468 First Nation Job Readiness Urban Initiative Pre-Employment Welding Program, Keyano College

"I am currently enrolled in Keyano College’s pre-employment welding thanks to all of the help and support from ATC. They have given me a fantastic opportunity to go to college.

The month before my program started, I was in a class with others who were a part of the ATC program. During this month, we focused on brushing up on math and core courses. This was invaluable practice when I joined my pre-employment program at Keyano's main campus.

I look forward to my future career and am incredibly grateful to ATC for providing me with the support I needed to get on track and focused with my future."

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Brian Ross

Fort McMurray #468 First Nation Job Readiness Urban Initiative GED Program, Keyano College

"Having the opportunity and support to increase my knowledge has improved my confidence and employability. Athabasca Tribal Council and Keyano College established partnerships promoting reconciliation, and enrich the relationship and advancement of Indigenous people in impactful and meaningful ways. I am proud and thankful to be part of a community that encourages opportunities for growth."

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Chas Marcel

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Job Readiness Urban Initiative Pre-Employment Welding Program, Keyano College

"I’m in the pre-employment welding program at Keyano College. The course is a 3 month program with classroom work as well as hands on welding. Athabasca Tribal Council helped me out a lot with this program by providing me with work boots, PPE, living allowance and funding for this program. If it wasn’t for ATC I don’t think I’d be in the course because it wasn’t cheap. This is a good way to get your foot in the door to starting a life-long career, and I look forward to completing this course and hopefully find a placement when I’m done. I’d like to thank ATC for all the help they gave me during the last couple weeks and for everything they’re doing for us in the class."

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