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The role of the Health department is to:

  • Establish partnerships and connections between ATC membership and health services,
  • Promote health awareness and health prevention
  • Promote training and support services in the area of Health
  • Develop and implement innovative strategies of serving members in the area of personal health, and
  • Ensure accountability of resources by continued use and improvement of standards and practices.
One service our clients really appreciate is the “Giving Closet,” located at the Northern Lights Regional hospital. This is an armoire filled with donated essential items, meant for our members who arrive at the hospital without any personal belongings. They may be in need of a change of clothing, or personal care supplies. Tina Grant, Indigenous Liaison Coordinator for ATC who works the hospital and manages the Giving Closet says,

"We have medevac emergency patients and homeless who come from one of the surrounding communities and often arrive and have no clothes, toiletries etc. I mean, nothing. They are always very happy to receive these items out of our Giving Closet."

Health Team

How to book medical transportation through ATC