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Transportation for Patients from Fort Chipewyan Increases

One of the biggest challenges this department encounters is moving members from remote communities into larger centers for the health care they require. Meeting the demand from the residents of Fort Chipewyan has been an ongoing concern that we have worked hard to resolve.

Starting November 8, 2017, in partnership with Northwestern Air based out of Fort Smith, we have been able to add additional flights for our Health patients, and provide the additional seating to the residents of Fort Chipewyan. This not only helps ATC get members to their medical appointments with less stress, it also supports the community with additional opportunities to fly in and out of Fort Chipewyan as seats are available.

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"Giving Closet"

“I think the ATC Giving Closet at the Northern Lights Regional Hospital is a real help to patients. We have medivac, emergency or homeless patients who come from surrounding communities; often they have no clothes or toiletries. I mean nothing. They are very happy to receive the items from our Giving Closet. One story is of an elderly medivac patient from Janvier. She came to the hospital and had nothing. We were able to provide her with toiletries and a complete change of clothes, with socks! She left the hospital very grateful to go back to Janvier with those essential supplies.”

–Tina Grant, ATC Indigenous Liaison Coordinator

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